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Graeme Dingle Foundation

The Graeme Dingle Foundation is a Child and Youth Development Charity that is building a positive, vibrant and successful New Zealand by Transforming Young Lives Forever. Their proven programmes are currently delivered to over 17,000 young Kiwis aged 5-18 in 20 communities across New Zealand every year. Our vision is to build a vibrant New Zealand with a thriving youth population.

Graeme Dingle Foundation runs proven and acclaimed programmes, Kiwi Can, Stars, Project K, Career Navigator and MYND in New Zealand schools and communities and exists to improve the lives of all young New Zealanders covering the entire spectrum from in-risk youth to others who just need a nudge in the right direction to stay on track. The programmes teach life skills that are not a part of the school curriculum. They assist teachers and school staff to make the school environment more effective and harmonious.

Graeme Dingle Foundation is focused on building a youth population in New Zealand with a positive outlook, helping young Kiwis everywhere to discover possibility, transform their lives, and reach their full potential. FYD works directly within various communities and believes that positive development of our young people is the best weapon to fight our negative youth statistics. They work with schools and groups from within the community to ensure a holistic long term approach to child, youth and community development.

The Foundation believes it is important that they not only do good, but that they can also prove the difference they make. The programmes all change lives and are informed by best-practice research. With their University research partners Graeme Dingle Foundation know their programmes improve attitudes and behaviour, improve academic results, help young people set and achieve their goals, boost self-confidence, reduce truancy rates and at risk behaviours, such as substance abuse, and help young people feel more positive about the future.

For more details contact:

Sian Neary | Programme Manager | Primary Schools or
Jane Edwards | Programme Manager | Secondary Schools

Graeme Dingle Foundation
p: +64 9 950 4214
PO Box 09 754, Newmarket, Auckland 1149
Level 4, 81 Carlton Gore Road, Newmarket, Auckland 1023


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