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Health & Safety


Health and Safety at Work (General Risk and Workplace Management) Regulations 2016

Health and Safety legislation had been updated in 2016. This affects all business owners operators and suppliers to those businesses.

Full detail on the content of this legislation may be gained through the following link.

The following is an example of what may be used to manage day to day contractors within a retail business. In addition to this the legislation sets out owners/operators responsibilities around;

1.     General duties
2.     Management of particular risks
3.     Duties relating to exposure monitoring and health monitoring
4.     Young persons at workplace

Businesses are accountable for developing and implementing their own workplace Health & Safety policies and should always seek independent advice. The information below should not be used as a substitute for that independent advice.

Contractor Management Information

Induction Guidelines

Level 1.

  • Couriers, post etc. Only accessing front counter to drop off or collect, not accessing any other area of the building.
  • Delivery trucks. Dropping bulk goods off at goods receipt point, staff member monitors delivery, vehicle parked safely, goods left at receipt point (allow for safe access by public and staff).
  • No induction required. No sign in/out required.

Level 2.

  • Contractors on site to carry out one off repairs etc. May enter any area of building or forecourt, must be escorted at all times, unless entering public area of building only, (within sight of counter staff.) Do not have to accompany when they are carrying out the actual work (for example air conditioning repair).
  • Merchandisers, Sales Reps, etc. Onsite to conduct business with staff escort at all times unless entering public area of building only, (within sight of counter staff.)
  • Verbal induction on current risks, must sign in and out on Visitor Register, Vendors log applies to one off visit only.

Level 3.

  • All staff. All regular contractors. All regular merchandisers.
  • Staff must have access to business’s Safety Management System.
  • Contractors and Merchandisers must have own safety management system in place.
  • Full Induction. (Verbal, electronic, or written.) Induction must reference all risks, special requirements, ‘No Go’ areas, etc.
  • Allows for full access to (all) areas of building and forecourt.
  • No escort required.
  • Must sign in/out on Visitor Register.
  • Review Induction at least annually does it still cover all known risks and hazards.

An induction (verbal, electronic or written) needs to include notifying the personnel of the following;

  • Identify where the assembly point is
  • Identify where the emergency exits are
  • Identify where fire extinguishers are stored
  • Identify where the first aid kit is located
  • Identify where the spill kit is (if applicable)